Two tips for those who have bought an unattractive-but-functional old car

If you have purchased an old car that is a bit battered but which in good working order, here are some steps you can take to spruce it up. Get it spray-painted One easy way to give an unattractive second-hand car a new lease of life is to have it spray-painted. There are several benefits to doing this. Firstly, the colour of a car can reveal its age; if your car's colouring is quite dated (i. Read More 

Understanding Insurance Repairs

After a long day at work, you walk back to your car only to find a big scratch on your car door. You are quite sure that someone had some fun and vandalised your car when you were still in the office. Getting pissed is a natural reaction to this kind of situation, and if you are like most drivers, you would ask your insurance provider if they cover the damage. Read More 

Why You Need To Get Your Windscreen Repaired As Soon As You See A Crack

When people think of car problems they generally think about issues to do with the engine or with the electrical system and, while those are valid concerns, many people underestimate just how important a windscreen is to your safety. Not only does it allow you to drive without the use of some sort of eye protection, but it also keeps microscopic shrapnel like dirt, small branches and bugs from hitting and distracting you. Read More 

Trailer Repairs Your Commercial Business Will Need

Owning and operating a commercial business that deals with towing, hauling and trailers mean preparing for inevitable repairs. There are some repairs that may come out of nowhere due to unforeseen accidents and wrecks. Regardless of the issue and repair, there are some trailer repairs that you know will occur over time. These are the repairs to prepare for and budget into your expenses. Here are a few of those repairs and what you need to know about each one. Read More 

Auto Body Painting – Benefits of Abrasive Blasting Over Chemical Cleaning

Auto body painting is an excellent solution to refurbishing the appearance of cars. Not only does it freshen up the image of the vehicle, but it also gives the owner the chance to experiment with new colours rather than the original manufacturer's hue. However, to achieve a sleek finish on the vehicle, it is vital to prepare the surface of the body via abrasive blasting. This procedure is an ideal solution as compare to other methods such as chemical cleaning, which can increase the potential of damage to the metal. Read More