5 Reasons to Sell Your Car to an Auto Wrecker

Old vehicles that are badly damaged or no longer run may seem to have little value. Selling them to an auto wrecker service is a good option for dealing with the problem. 1. Reclaim Space Whether it's sitting in the garage or if it is pulled up onto a bare spot on your property, an old vehicle that no longer runs is taking up space and doing little more than being an eyesore. Read More 

3 Key Abrasive Properties of Sandblasting Media

Choosing a sandblasting media can be a daunting exercise for newbie auto body services. You have to look at different sandblasting particles, ranging from organic, metal, silicate, and plastic media. Each material is suitable for specific tasks, which can be distinguished by abrasive requirements. That said, you should understand that the abrasive properties of a medium affect the anchor pattern, a crucial aspect of sandblasting. This article highlights the critical abrasive properties of sandblasting media. Read More 

Why You Should Let a Professional Spray Paint Your Car

If you are a handy car owner, you can easily and quickly learn how to paint your car with a spray gun. However, if you feel like the process is too technical or you doubt yourself, leave spray painting to a professional before you waste your hard-earned money and energy. Here are the reasons you should leave car spray painting to professionals: You May Need Help with Vehicle Surface Preparation Read More 

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Filing For Car Smash Repair Insurance

No matter how careful you are on the road, you can get involved in a car accident. So take your time to learn the right steps to take after an accident. For instance, calling the police and exchanging details with other drivers are essential things to do. Another step to take is calling your car insurance company to inform them of the car's demise. When working with an insurance company, ensure you understand how your coverage works. Read More 

Two tips for those who have bought an unattractive-but-functional old car

If you have purchased an old car that is a bit battered but which in good working order, here are some steps you can take to spruce it up. Get it spray-painted One easy way to give an unattractive second-hand car a new lease of life is to have it spray-painted. There are several benefits to doing this. Firstly, the colour of a car can reveal its age; if your car's colouring is quite dated (i. Read More