Spray Painting Preparation Mistakes That Newbie Painters Should Avoid

Motorists do not like driving around in cars with worn-out paint finish. Faded, chipped, or cracked paint not only lowers the value of your car but also exposes the frame to rust. The reason is that paint plays a vital role in keeping moisture at bay. For an auto-spraying technician, nothing feels better than seeing a client walk out of the garage with a smile on their face and a sparkling paint job. Read More 

5 Reasons to Sell Your Car to an Auto Wrecker

Old vehicles that are badly damaged or no longer run may seem to have little value. Selling them to an auto wrecker service is a good option for dealing with the problem. 1. Reclaim Space Whether it's sitting in the garage or if it is pulled up onto a bare spot on your property, an old vehicle that no longer runs is taking up space and doing little more than being an eyesore. Read More 

3 Key Abrasive Properties of Sandblasting Media

Choosing a sandblasting media can be a daunting exercise for newbie auto body services. You have to look at different sandblasting particles, ranging from organic, metal, silicate, and plastic media. Each material is suitable for specific tasks, which can be distinguished by abrasive requirements. That said, you should understand that the abrasive properties of a medium affect the anchor pattern, a crucial aspect of sandblasting. This article highlights the critical abrasive properties of sandblasting media. Read More