How To Conduct Smash Repairs

Smash repairs are necessary once your vehicle suffers damages after an accident. If your vehicle needs these repairs, read this extract for some tips on executing smash repairs. 

Inspect the Vehicle after the Crash

One of the biggest dilemmas you will face after the crash is whether to drive your vehicle to the garage or call a tow truck. The rule is to inspect the vehicle to establish the extent of the damage. Usually, you can drive the car if it does not have severe damage. In other cases, the vehicle could suffer minor damages that make it dangerous to drive. For instance, you pose a risk to other road users if the car has damaged side mirrors or lights. If the car suffered a front collision, pop the bonnet to establish the extent of the damage. For example, it could have a damaged radiator or oil leakage from the engine. The rule is to hire a tow service to move the vehicle to a garage. Insist on flatbed tow trucks since they do not damage vehicle components such as the transmission system or lose bumpers or exhausts.

Choose an Appropriate Garage 

Most garages conduct smash repairs. However, how do you tell that the garage has the technical expertise and equipment to restore your vehicle's body to a near-new condition? Consider these tips:

  • Interview previous customers to establish if they are satisfied with the smash repairs. Moreover, inquire if they enjoyed interacting with the mechanics and garage management.
  • Visit the garage to assess the repair protocols. For instance, how do the mechanics repair the damaged panel? How do they apply filler and prime the surface? What quality of paint do they use? Does the garage have paint booths to prevent contamination during painting?
  • Check the repair contract to know whether the garage offers guarantees on the smash repair work or not.
  • If your vehicle has comprehensive insurance coverage, check if the garage offers insurance repairs and incentives such as courtesy cars. 

Consider Upgrades When Conducting Smash Repairs 

Smash repairs are an opportunity to conduct upgrades that improve the functionality of your vehicle. For example, if the car needs mechanical repairs, you could opt to install a performance radiator or air cleaner if the original parts suffered damage during the accident. Besides, you could decide to soundproof the vehicle to reduce road noises as you drive. It is especially so if the mechanics will strip the car as they conduct smash repairs. You could also consider an upholstery upgrade to ensure a neat and appealing interior. 

For more information about smash repairs, contact a local service.