Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Filing For Car Smash Repair Insurance

No matter how careful you are on the road, you can get involved in a car accident. So take your time to learn the right steps to take after an accident. For instance, calling the police and exchanging details with other drivers are essential things to do. Another step to take is calling your car insurance company to inform them of the car's demise. When working with an insurance company, ensure you understand how your coverage works. That way, you can avoid making some errors that affect your claim. Some mistakes that can affect your smash repair claims are listed below. 

Failing To Contact the Insurance Company Immediately

One common mistake that drivers make is not calling their insurer as soon as they are involved in an accident. Contacting the insurance company immediately will help you get fresh evidence. That way, your claim adjustment process is easy. Also, insurance firms expect you to let them know as soon as you get into an accident. Thus, delaying contacting your insurer can make them deny your claim. Contact your insurance broker, and they will forward the details to the company.

Failing To Go Over Your Policy

Insurance claims and policies are complicated. Thus, take the time to learn what your insurance covers. It is not uncommon to find drivers making claims for things not covered by their policy. Go over the details of your policy before signing or paying for any policy. If there is anything you do not understand, ask your insurer for clarification. Once you understand your policy, you can make accurate and complete claims. You can also meet the insurer's expectations. 

Not Filing the Proper Documentation

One main aspect that delays claim settlements is poor documentation. Therefore, keep a record of any communication between you and your insurance company. Ensure you have details of the time, date, and content of the communication. The best way to make accessing the records easy is to keep them separate. Always retain a copy of any mail you send to the insurance firm. Also, keep a summary of the phone conversations you have with the insurance representative. Send this summary to the representative through an email or letter. Pictures of the accident scene are also critical in your claim. Get details of the traffic situation, licence plates, and visible damage in the pictures. It is easier to verify the documents of the events with these photos. 


It is critical not to delay making an insurance claim for smash repairs. Also, give the correct details and follow the right procedure for filing an accident claim.

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