Why You Need To Get Your Windscreen Repaired As Soon As You See A Crack

When people think of car problems they generally think about issues to do with the engine or with the electrical system and, while those are valid concerns, many people underestimate just how important a windscreen is to your safety. Not only does it allow you to drive without the use of some sort of eye protection, but it also keeps microscopic shrapnel like dirt, small branches and bugs from hitting and distracting you. No one really considers just how important the windscreen is to the integrity of the car and especially for those that are inside it. However, there is a very good reason why, when you notice a small crack, you should get it repaired straight away.

What Is So Dangerous About A Small Crack In The Windscreen?

The problem with any sort of small crack in the windscreen is that it totally weakens the structural integrity of the entire windscreen. Windscreens work well because they have uniform strength across the entire face, but a crack opens up a weak point. That weak point can be made much larger by any jolts or bumps in the road, like from a speed bump, which can lead your windscreen to fail mid-drive. It doesn't take much imagination to know how distracting and dangerous a windscreen shattering can be for you while you are behind the wheel. Not only does it put you at risk of of debris but it can make you lose concentration and crash.

I'm Worried My Windscreen Has Become Loose, Is This Dangerous As Well?

A loose windscreen is just as, if not more, dangerous than a cracked windscreen. In this case a loose windscreen can become unstuck and become a huge hazard for you and your passenger -- as well as for any other drivers in the vicinity. While it may seem absurd this is a genuine danger, and if your windscreen is not properly installed or if the adhesive used was old or badly applied then this can happen to you. Often the indicator of a loose windscreen is if it rattles, is slightly unevenly placed or if you can clearly see one side raised more than the other. 

How Do I Get My Windscreen Repaired?

Windscreen repairs are a common enough car problem that there are now companies and mechanics that specialise in this area. When looking to get a check-up or a repair/fitting you should search for companies that specifically mention windscreen repairs, as this generally means they have specialised equipment or personnel to get the job done quicker. Remember, never put off getting your windscreen checked out if you have even a small concern; you don't want to find out that you were right about your hunch when you are on the road travelling 100 kilometres an hour.