Understanding Insurance Repairs

After a long day at work, you walk back to your car only to find a big scratch on your car door. You are quite sure that someone had some fun and vandalised your car when you were still in the office. Getting pissed is a natural reaction to this kind of situation, and if you are like most drivers, you would ask your insurance provider if they cover the damage. Incidents like these make you realise how important insurance repairs are. This is especially important if something worse happens to your car.

Collision Insurance 

This one will cover the repairs and replacements that your car will need in case of an accident with a stationary object or another vehicle. You need to remember that insurance repairs will only be done if you have a comprehensive coverage prior to adding collision as part of your coverage. If the repair cost is more than the car value, this coverage will pay for the car's value.

Liability Insurance

Majority of countries make this mandatory for all car owners because it is a very basic one that anyone could get. In case your car needs insurance repairs because you caused an accident, the liability insurance covers the damaged property cost. Aside from that, it also takes care of the medical bills of the injured people, but only up to a certain amount based on your policy.

Comprehensive Insurance

This covers the insurance repairs needed to fix your car because of damages that were not from a collision. This will include vandalism, theft, falling objects, fire, strong storms, hitting an animal, natural disasters and forces of nature that you cannot control. The ACV (actual cash value) amount will be reimbursed minus the deductible in case your vehicle needs replacement.

Choose the Right Auto Repair Shop

Unless it is stipulated in your policy, you can decide where you can have your car fixed, and you do not have to choose a business that your insurer or the other party suggested. You just have to be aware that it is possible that the estimate you will receive for insurance repairs could be higher compared to the insurer's estimation. You might be asked to pay for the difference. The good thing about going to a facility that was recommended by the insurers is that they already established a relationship.

Insurance repairs will help you save on costs in case your car incurred damages whether it is your fault or not.