3 Steps to Getting Your Car Repaired Correctly Following an Accident

Being involved in an accident can be traumatising, especially if you or someone else got hurt. Once you have taken care of bodily injury, you'll be interested to know how to get your car back on the road with as fast as possible. The following is a guide through the crucial steps and how you can avoid snugs along the way. Step 1: Get a damage estimate  This is where you will be told how much damage your car sustained and how much it might cost to fix it. Read More 

Smash Repairs | 4 Steps To Getting Your Car Repainted After An Accident

If you get into an accident, then chances are that your car's body has been dented and your auto paintjob needs a redo. Smash repairs specialists are ideal when you need to get your car repainted after an accident because they are well trained to handle this issue. Apart from auto painting, they will also beat out the dents to restore your car back to its original condition. This guide aims to help you understand the process of car repainting after an accident. Read More