Two common reasons why car owners get their vehicles spray painted

Here are two common reasons why car owners use vehicle spray painting services.

For safety reasons

Some car owners take their vehicles to auto body shops to have them spray painted for safety reasons. For example, if a person has bought a navy or black secondhand car and they do a lot of night driving, they might decide to get the car spray painting white or bright red. The reason for this is that on a dark road at night, a white or bright red car could be easier for other motorists to spot than a navy or black one, which might blend in with the darkness of the environment.

This could reduce the chances of someone colliding with the car owner if, for example, they needed to pull over on a dark road or if their headlights suddenly stopped working whilst they were driving at night. In this situation, having their car spray painted a lighter, brighter colour could provide a car owner with peace of mind when they need to travel after dark.

Conversely, if a car owner isn't worried about driving at night but has a car that's a rare or very vivid colour, and they need to regularly park it in a neighbourhood where car thefts are commonplace, they might decide to have it spray-painted a darker and more neutral colour to make it less conspicuous. Doing this could allow it to blend in with the sea of other vehicles it parks near and possibly reduce the likelihood of car thieves noticing it and choosing to target it.

To cover up some previous paintwork that is not to their taste  

One other common reason why car owners use auto body shops' spray painting services is to cover up their vehicle's old paintwork, which is not to their taste. For example, if a person purchases a secondhand car that the previous owner had spray-painted with cartoon images or flames and the new owner needs to use the car to drive to work, they might decide to get all of the old paintwork covered up with one plain colour, to make the vehicle look more professional and less garish.

In contrast, if a person's car is painted a colour that they feel is a bit boring, they might decide to go to an auto body shop and have them paint each panel a different bright colour or have them use templates to add images to the vehicle's body. This is a relatively quick and affordable way for a person to ensure that their vehicle's aesthetic is to their liking.