5 Reasons to Sell Your Car to an Auto Wrecker

Old vehicles that are badly damaged or no longer run may seem to have little value. Selling them to an auto wrecker service is a good option for dealing with the problem.

1. Reclaim Space

Whether it's sitting in the garage or if it is pulled up onto a bare spot on your property, an old vehicle that no longer runs is taking up space and doing little more than being an eyesore. Hauling it off to a rubbish dump is time-consuming and complicated to do on one's own, so too often the vehicle is left to rot in place. A wrecker service can handle all the details of removal so you can reclaim the space at your home for better use. 

2. Help the Environment

Keeping old cars out of the waste stream is good for the environment. Parts and materials are recycled, which reduces the need to mine metals or manufacture new parts for other vehicles. Since the vehicle is recycled, it is also no longer sitting in place where it may have been slowly leaching automotive fluids and other hazardous items into the local ecosystem.

3. Make Some Money

Many car wrecking companies do more than just tow off your old car, they may also give you some cash for the vehicle. Old cars do have some value on the recycling and scrap market. Wreckers make their money from selling the parts and scrap metals, and they may pay you a percentage of what they expect to earn from your old vehicle. 

4. Avoid Fines

Depending on where you have the vehicle parked and local regulations, you could be at risk of a council fine for having a broken-down junk car parked in a visible section of the property. These fines can add up over time, so you don't want to ignore any notices you receive. An auto wrecker can act quickly and remove the vehicle before it attracts any unwanted attention.

5. Save Time

You could slowly part out an old car yourself and then break it down into scrap to sell. The amount of money this would bring in would likely not be worth all of the effort and wasted time of doing the job yourself, though. Although a wrecker won't pay as much as you would get from doing it all yourself, the amount of time they save you makes it well worth the percentage they take. 

Contact an auto wrecker service in your area to begin the removal process for your old vehicle.