Auto Body Repair Tools That Start-up Garages Should Buy

Cars experience body issues because the entire surface is exposed to external elements, such as fluctuating temperatures, water, chemicals, debris and reckless motorists. The elements threaten the condition of car bodies regardless of how careful a motorist might be. Therefore, when car owners bring their vehicles to your startup auto centre for body repairs, you should provide the best service. However, you can only guarantee quality service delivery if you have the right pieces of equipment. This article highlights unique equipment every startup automotive repair shop should purchase.

Car Mini-Lift 

A car's underbelly is exposed to water and debris, which can cause rusting and paint chips. Typically, established garages use a standard lift to elevate a vehicle and access the underside. However, the car lift models are pretty pricey and bulky for startup auto body repairers. Luckily, affordable and reliable options are available, and the mini-lift is a good example. As the name implies, a mini-lift is an inexpensive and compact version of the traditional lift. All you have to do is slide it under a vehicle, inflate the airbag system and watch the front or rear of a car lift. The lift allows easy access to a vehicle's underside to repair dents, rust spots and spray coating. Therefore, if your garage cannot accommodate a standard lift for underbody repairs, a mini-lift is as effective and versatile.

Dent Removal Tool Head

Hail, rocks and other highway projectiles threaten the pristine condition of a car's body. For example, they leave behind dents and dinks that give the vehicle an ugly look. The only way to remove such dents is by using common panel beating tools. However, using such devices on minor dents can seem too much in some cases, although they are effective. The best equipment for repairing minor dents on car bodies is a dent removal tool head. It features a concentrated pulling head, which you place directly over a dent to pull it out. A crucial benefit of the dent removal tool head is that it helps repair dinks by pressing a button at the end of the wand. Thus, the repair process is smooth, fast and non-intrusive.

Auto Body Tool Mat

Some small tools, such as putty knives, block sanders, chisels and spreaders, are essential for auto body repairs. Notably, such tools must stay close to a technician and work area for a smooth and uninterrupted repair. However, most auto body technicians place devices in their belts or traditional toolboxes on the floor. Fortunately, an auto body tool mat can replace the traditional accessories. Its most significant advantage is that it helps technicians concentrate on body repairs. The mat is specially designed to stick to a car's body. Therefore, it allows you to place all auto body repair tools you need close to a work area and focus on your task.