Why You Should Let a Professional Spray Paint Your Car

If you are a handy car owner, you can easily and quickly learn how to paint your car with a spray gun. However, if you feel like the process is too technical or you doubt yourself, leave spray painting to a professional before you waste your hard-earned money and energy. Here are the reasons you should leave car spray painting to professionals:

You May Need Help with Vehicle Surface Preparation

To effectively paint a vehicle, you need to strip off its current paint using a process known as sanding. This is achieved with a tool known as a sander, which you might need to buy and learn how to use if you are to repaint the car yourself. After sanding, you are required to inspect your vehicle for dents and fill them with filler material to get an even and smooth surface.

These are activities that should be done carefully and precisely; if not, you might not attain the kind of finish you want.

You Can Save Money on Paint Products

Your car needs at least three layers of paint: a primer, base colour and lastly a clear coat. An auto body shop will likely have these items readily available. 

1. Primer—A primer helps strengthen the bond between steel and paint while also preventing corrosion. You should know that there are different types of primers. The difference lies in what the primer helps achieve. Epoxy primers help prevent rust, while urethane and self-etch primers help in strengthening the bond between steel and paint.

2. Base colour—This is the colour you want for your car. You should know that automotive paints comprise a carrier agent, resin and a colour pigment; the resin is the binder ingredient. When buying paint, you will be trying to match the colour you want, while considering the resin in the paint. There are also times when you might need the paint to dry quicker or become thinner. You need to add an activator to the paint. 

3. Clearcoat—This layer protects the second layer from scratches. You will come across urethane or acrylic clear coats. Urethane clear coats dry fast and last for a long time; however, you might need to use an activator. Acrylic clear coats take longer to dry. They also do not require an activator.

If you feel like buying and applying these products might be challenging for you, let a professional help.

You Can Take Advantage of Their Spray Painting Skills

Spray painting is done using a spray gun. You need to have spray painting skills and know-how to mix paint products correctly. That is why those who are attempting spray painting for the first time are advised to first practice with cardboard. If your spray painting attempts on cardboard are not looking that great, contact a professional.