Smash Repairs | 4 Steps To Getting Your Car Repainted After An Accident

If you get into an accident, then chances are that your car's body has been dented and your auto paintjob needs a redo. Smash repairs specialists are ideal when you need to get your car repainted after an accident because they are well trained to handle this issue. Apart from auto painting, they will also beat out the dents to restore your car back to its original condition. This guide aims to help you understand the process of car repainting after an accident.

Sanding Down Damaged Car Areas

The first step that goes into repainting is to sand the specific part of your car that has been damaged in the accident. A smash repairs expert has all the necessary tools and sanding equipment to prep your car for painting. The duration of the sanding process will depend entirely on the extent of the paintwork necessary for your car.

Application Of Automotive Masking Tape

The smash repairs team will then place automotive masking tape on the different areas of the car that will not be painted. This masking tape is typically used to cover windows, door handles, keyholes, windshields, taillights, headlights and tyres. Auto painting requires a professional to pay close attention to detail, so this masking tape will only expose areas meant to be painted and will protect the areas that need to be concealed.

Primer Application

The smash repairs experts will begin the process of repainting your car by applying a primer coat to ensure that new paint adheres better to the car body. Primer is a preparatory coat of paint that is used to ensure better durability of the new paint coat, while preventing the development of rust. Once the primer coat applied, the smash repairs experts should ideally give it enough time to dry.

Painting The Car Body

Once the primer coat is applied, the smash repairs experts will apply a few coats of paint. The number of coats may depend on the extent of the chips and scratches that need to be covered after the accident. They will also ensure that they coat the car evenly and across the entire car for a uniform appearance. After the colour paint has been applied to the car, clear coat paint will also be applied to give it a slight sheen. Usually, it takes a few hours between each coat, so the process of smash repairs and repainting may take just a few or several days depending on the extent of your car damage.

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