DIY Procedure of Spray Painting a Car

The paint finish on your car body gives your car an appearance that you like, but it also protects the body of your car from rust and corrosion. With that said, you will need to repaint your car body at some point because the paint finish wears down with time due to constant exposure to the elements. One of the most effective ways of repainting a car is spray painting. As the name suggests, this painting method involves the use of an auto spray gun. 

If you've never worked with a car spray gun before, but you are considering giving your car body a new touch of paint, follow these steps to ensure you achieve a nice, smooth, professional-looking finish.

Identify a suitable location/conditions for the job

If the paint application job were to be carried out professionally, it would be done at an auto body and paint shop. Therefore, you will have to try as much as possible to match conditions at the auto body shop if you are to perform the painting job like a pro. If your garage is large enough and has good ventilation, you can paint your car in the garage. But if you are considering doing the painting job outdoors, you had better check the weather to ensure it is condusive enough to ensure a smooth, even application. Moderate outdoor temperatures are ideal for spray painting applications — do not paint your car in hot or humid temperatures.

Prep the surface

Do not be too quick to mix the paint and start painting with your spray gun. Proper preparation of the surface is critical to ensuring you get a nice finish. Use grits of sandpaper to scrape off the old paint and smooth the surface of the substrate. If there are any dented parts, they will need to be straightened. If there are rusty areas, the rust will have to be scraped off and the affected parts filled with filler before fresh paint can be applied. 

Once all surface blemishes have been repaired, the entire car body will need to be thoroughly washed with a pressurised hose to remove any dirt buildup. The substrate should be allowed enough time to dry properly and then primer applied.


Once the primer has become dry, mix the paint and pour it into a clean spray gun. Working from side to side, slowly apply steady strokes of paint onto your auto body. That way, it will be easier to ensure a uniform application of the first coat. Apply two or more coats of paint to produce a smooth, uniform finish that will last for long.

When it comes to spray painting jobs, you will need to patiently wait for each coat of paint to dry properly before you can apply subsequent coats of paint.