What to Do When You Need Smash Repairs on Your Car or Truck

If your car or truck has been involved in an accident and you know it will need smash repairs, you don't want to take it to just any panel beater. Very often fixing dents and dings is about more than just making your vehicle look good again; a panel beater will need to know how to fix wiring, lights, and other such damaged parts that are behind the panels of a vehicle. Before you decide on a panel beater for your car or truck, note a few tips on what to do first.

1. Check with your insurance carrier

The first thing to do before calling any panel beater is to check with your insurance carrier, as they may have certain requirements for how you get these repairs done. For example, they may require you to get three different quotes from three separate shops before you can choose one. They may also require you to go to someone who is authorized or specially trained in repairing your particular make and model of car. If you expect your insurance carrier to reimburse you for the cost of your smash repairs, start with them first.

2. Ask about timeframes and courtesy cars

A good panel beater should be able to give you an estimate for how long they will need to work on your vehicle, and while some delays might happen, they should also be prepared to offer you a discount or even a courtesy car if the job takes much longer than expected. If the quote they give you doesn't say what they will do for you if the work drags on excessively, speak up and ask. 

3. Check guarantees and warranty

A guarantee applies to the work that is done on your vehicle and a warranty applies to new parts; your panel beater should offer both when they work on your car, if they will need to replace any of the parts. This guarantee or warranty should cover new lights and wiring that need to be replaced, or the new panel itself if the old one could not be repaired. The guarantee or warranty should protect you from rust forming in the area of the repair, which can happen with poor-quality work. Always check the guarantee or warranty that is offered and make sure that it's longer than just 30 days or another short time, so you know you're getting quality work and quality parts that will last.

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